Adding subtitle to Movies is child's play!

Automatically find and add subtitle to your movies in any language.

● Automatically finds the most accurate subtitle from the cloud and adds it to your movie.

● Add subtitle to multiple movies at one shot.

● Subtitles can be searched in 82 different languages.
● Subtitles are added as separate track as soft text-based subtitle supported by iTunes, Apple TV & iOS Devices.

● Original movie file is kept as it while a new movie file with subtitles get created.

● Ability to choose other available subtitle if automatically added subtitle is not perfect.

 ● Ability to specify the correct movie if automatic detection of movie fails.

● Displays your file with movie information gathered from file as well as from the cloud to aid better search.

● Supports .mp4 & .m4v containers.

Steps :

1. Specify the subtitle language to search for (one time).
2. Open the movie files and let Movie Subtitler to search the subtitle in the cloud.

3. Click 'Add Subtitles' and choose a folder folder to save the movies with subtitles.




The App automatically finds the most accurate subtitle using movie hash code, if that fails it uses movie information gathered from file and the cloud to find the best matched subtitle.

Ability to change the subtitle if the added subtitle is not perfect. Ability to find & specify the correct movie to aid subtitle search if correct movie is not detected automatically.

You got to use it to believe how fast the movie information is gathered from the cloud, subtitle is searched in the cloud and subtitle is written. Subtitle hundreds of movies in minutes.

App in Action


How Movie Subtitler finds the subtitle automatically?

        Movie Subtitler uses the webservice provided by opensubtitles. It takes the hash code of the movie file and finds the subtitle in the specified language. If that fails, It takes the movie name & duration from the file, finds the imdb id from TMDb and uses that to find the best possible matched subtitle.


Does Movie Subtitler works for movies other than Hollywood movies?

        Yes. As long as the subtitle is available in opensubtitles for the movie's hash code or imdb id.


Since Movie Subtitler creates a new file instead of adding the subtitle track to the existing movie, What happens to the movie metadata?

It get's copied.