Adding metadata to movies is a piece of cake!

Accurately beautify your movie collection within minutes.

● Automatically detects Movies by file name and grabs metadata information from the cloud.

● Applies all & only iTunes, Apple TV & iOS Devices supported metadata.

● Beautifully displays your movie collection with all needed information gathered from file as well as from the cloud.

● Ability to add metadata in preferred language if information is available in cloud.

● Ability to search movie if automatic detection fails.

● Ability to edit metadata and add or change Poster.

● Availability of iTunes Style Genre.

● Ability to set Genre to whole movie collection by Batch Edit.

● Ability to rename file as the movie name.

● Supports .mp4 & .m4v containers.

Steps :

1. Open the movie files and let MoviePal to grab information from file & cloud.

2. Use 'Edit Metadata' to change any metadata information including metadata language.

3. Use 'Find movie/Wrong Movie' to find movie information from cloud.

4. Use 'Add Poster/Change Poster' to add/change Cover art.

5. Click 'Write Metadata' to save the metadata information to the opened movie files.




Applies all & only the metadata Apple devices care about such as Poster, Movie Name, Release date, Movie Rating, Tag Line, Genre, Cast, Director, Producer, Composer, Studio, Screen Writer, Plot Summary, Language, Country & HD Flag.

Don't like the Poster provided automatically or if no poster present in cloud? change it to your own! In case if movie not detected or incorrectly detected, custom search to find the correct movie.

You got to use it to believe how fast the detection happens and how fast metadata information are written when saved. Tag hundreds of movies in minutes.

App in Action


How MoviePal detects the metadata?

MoviePal uses the file name and grabs the metadata information from TMDb.


Hey! My movie is not a English Hollywood Movie but some other country/language movie. What will happen in that case?

MoviePal looks for information in English by default. But this can be changed to any other language in settings window including the language of movie or language of file name. Even the Posters are grabbed from cloud depending upon the specified language. The metadata information of a movie can be changed to any other language if available.